How to convert images to pdf using C#

I have actually looked at ImageMagickNET, however it is actually far also intricate for my demands.

You may utilize, MPDF and Usual C# upload feature to convert image right into pdf. Just adhere to the below steps. Make a form to submit the file area “jpgtoconvert”.

have an internet site that enables individuals to submit several apply for a number of tasks all at as soon as. I prefix the images w/ the project I.D. and after that run this order making use of wildcards along w/ the prefix. So it ends up being: director(” convert $ID *. * $ID.pdf”);.

As a concern of enthusiasm (I haven’t used it in grows older), is actually there a cleaner means to utilize Document w/ IDisposable and/or should certainly there be a try/finally guarding the Close? Presumably not if imageStream is the genuine information holder/owner?

To become totally transparent, I ought to revoke that I do work with the makers of EasyPDF SDK (hence my take care of), therefore this suggestion is actually certainly not without some personal predisposition:-RRB- Yet really feel free of charge to look into the eval version if you’re curious.

One we’ve had great luck along with is actually PDFSharp (our team use it for TIFF and also Text to PDF conversion for manies medical claims every time).

iTextSharp does it pretty safely as well as levels source. It has an extremely good following publication by the writer which I encourage if you finish up performing extra interesting things like handling forms. For usual utilization, there are plenty information on mailing checklists and newsgroups for examples of exactly how to accomplish popular traits.

I wish to convert coming from an image (like jpg or even png) to PDF.

What other.NET remedies or code are actually there for transforming an image to a PDF?

Here is a recommendation site which uses MPDF as well as identical performance to convert images to pdf so you might assess functionality.

If you are actually looking for just free/ available source options or even taking into consideration industrial ones as well, not sure. If you are actually consisting of commercial remedies, there’s a toolkit called EasyPDF SDK that delivers an API for turning images (plus a number of other documents styles) to PDF. It assists C# and also could be found listed here:.

I have presently examine that code additionally, there is actually one problem “The process can not access the documents “test.jpg” due to the fact that it is actually being used by an additional process.”.

I have no retrospection of whether I actually assembled the code at that time or even whether the possibility is that you are actually using another variation (below is an instance of identical code to confirm it created sense at some point). In overall if it is actually certainly not Throw away, it ought to be risk-free to leave out the utilizing.

using (PdfDocument pdf = new PdfDocument())
        for (int i = 0; i < images.Length; i++) { if (i > 0)

            PdfPage page = pdf.Pages[i];
            string imagePath = images[i];
            PdfImage pdfImage = pdf.AddImage(imagePath);

            page.Width = pdfImage.Width;
            page.Height = pdfImage.Height;
            page.Canvas.DrawImage(pdfImage, 0, 0);


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