How to add watermark in PDF file using c#

I want incorporating a watermark to an existing PDF documents making use of C# I have actually explored on Google for it, yet could not find any type of appropriate library.

where perform you specify the position of the text message? You pick complete works with for the image. What if the pages of the PDF are smaller or even greater than assumed? Also: this answer thinks that the PDF currently exists. If you would like to watermark a PDF that is produced through scrape, you require a various strategy.

You desire to include material to each page. This means that you have to loop over each page (from 1 to n). Receive the PdfPage object for each and every page i and also switch out the line// Attract header text message with whatever it is you would like to carry out.

As you can easily observe, our experts merely need to have one PdfDocument instance, yet as opposed to passing merely a PdfWriter, our experts also pass a PdfReader case. Our company are going to go through the documents along with road src and also our team will definitely contact a file with course dest..

After saving your pdf document. Usage image-watermark component to tack on a watermark to your created pdf.

In that scenario, you possess to include the material on best of the existing content, however it is most effectively to help make the watermark transparent

Keep in mind that in the tutorial, our company are actually utilizing pageSize.GetWidth()/ 2 and also pageSize.GetHeight()/ 2 as collaborates, which suggests that our company assume that the lower-left corner of the page possesses the coordinate (0, 0). That might not be actually the scenario. You may have to incorporate the x-offset and the y-offset to that value.

In various other words: the watermark is actually dealt with by the existong information. If the existing material is actually opaque, the watermark will be unnoticeable. You will certainly have the capacity to view the design if you perform Ctrl+ A, yet you won’t observe it when publishing the page.

When the user posts the data, I possess the code to develop a watermark. the watermark is produced between page as well as the footer page. My issue is actually the watermark work is certainly not best relying on the components of the uploaded documents material.

In your scenario, you incorporate an image below the existing material. That is actually the ordinary trait to perform, however you claim that the watermark is actually dealt with due to the existing information. That occurs as an example when the genuine web content contains images (e.g. browsed webpages). If you incorporate a watermark under the web pages of a PDF that is composed of scanned webpages, you will certainly never view the watermark.

You are actually making use of stamper. GetUnderContent( i), which indicates that you are actually adding content under the existing content.

In example ALFA, you observe the watermark under the existing text, considering that the existing content possesses no history. In example CARLIE, you don’t find it since the text message has a white history that deals with the watermark.

I found the fpdf collection that develops sneak peek thumbnails of PDF reports, but I don’t recognize if it adds watermarks to existing PDF documents or even not. Can anyone suggest a PHP library than can reveal examine and also add watermarks to existing PDF data?

I created pdf with nodejs. i really want to incorporate watermark to this generated pdf. , if there is actually any sort of options for including watermark in dynamic-html-pdf.

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