How can I automate HTML-to-PDF conversions?

This operates as a service on a Windows Desktop Computer or Windows Hosting server maker. It opens HTML documents in a web internet browser, after that publishes all of them with a printing chauffeur to create PDF documents, to ensure the PDF document made appears exactly as if you had printed the HTML document coming from the browser.

I am seeking a means to convert an HTML report to PDF using a C# library that is preferably free. I have carried out some searching online to search for resources to make use of, but haven’t located an option that stands out (I have seen some reference of iText, however it resembled that would possess a credit utilize it). Is actually there an existing collection that I can take advantage of to complete the sale of HTML to PDF?

It worked extremely well to result the PDF and was quite easy to use. It likewise took care of the CSS in the html quite well. Didn’t utilize it for outside CSS, yet I feel that is possible as well.

There is actually a brand new brainless setting because Chrome 59. As all the various other answers truly battle with newer (or not thus brand-new anymore) CSS features like flexbox, this was in my instance the only solution to create a correct PDF output.

phantomjs is one more option, likewise based upon webkit, if you desire to convert and also fetch remote control pages to pdf. It may do numerous various other things also, like scraping using javascript as well as the DOM.

I have actually found Electroshot to become helpful of modern-day CSS attributes, specifically design. This was actually after battling with wkhtmltopdf revealing its own age in certainly not assisting things like CSS3.

I’ve been using htmldoc for an even though, yet I’ve experienced some fairly serious constraints. I need the side remedy to deal with a Linux carton. I’ll be actually phoning this library/utility/application from a Perl app, so any kind of Perl interfaces would be a bonus.

PrinceXML is actually the very best one I have actually found (it parses frequent HTML as effectively as XML/XHTML). Exactly how is it the greatest? Effectively, it passes the acid2 test which I believed was actually fairly darn exceptional

This would be overall excessive, however you might download and install as well as put up mirth. It is a message routing engine, however it has the capability to convert html to pdf, thus you might establish it as much as select up an html data in a folder, convert to pdf, as well as lose the pdf in the same or even other file. Like I claimed, overkill, a bit of a learning curve, however it’s totally free, and also java so you may run it on linux if you just like. Plus all your perl app will need to carry out is go down the html to a report.

Sorry to uncover this old post, however it came out to begin with in my seek the most effective HTML/PDF sale tool. On Linux wkhtmltopdf is terrific (bears in mind CSS, to name a few) as well as GPL.

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