Access / Word 2010 VBA Mail Merge Tries to Open [Foldername].mdb Instead of ACCDB Source

I would highly advise you not to connect to an MS Get access to documents. Linking to Access is all incredibly properly for manually controlled mailmerges, however it becomes exhausting in the excessive when you desire to automate. You may wish to read

I possess a problem where using vibrant hyperlinks in area codes works penalty when I create a document, but when save and later reload it the hyperlinks are substituted along with text message coming from the initial recordset.

tries at hands free operation neglected attaching directly to get access to. Instead, our company observed the web link you supplied a generated a computerized procedure of exporting the records to a momentary document and also merging coming from there. This works in a satisfactory means – the only continuing to be concern is that introducing the combine method stands out up along with a confirmation of the inquiry regarding to be managed on the layout. Our experts’ll appear for a workaround for that, however I’m happy that you have aided me to address the problem listed here.

If you perform that, and also upgrade the nested SET area just before doing everything else (such as improving the LINK industry), you obtain an exclusively named bookmark (mfkeeper1, and so on). Whether that is maintainable, I can easily not currently inform.

This practices gpes some technique to clarifying why the nested LINK practices appears therefore random – if you decide on the LINK industries as well as improve them all via F9, Word inserts its _ GoBack bookmark in to the LINK area, as well as that’s what appears to avoid Word from solving the embedded MERGEFIELD area.

I have actually been not able to acquire this to successfully operate after saving. This is a streamlined variation of what I am actually trying to carry out and the only part I can’t reach function properly. I require to acquire the mail merge document in c# organized another person to operate, as opposed to be there to specify it up each time it requires to be operated.

It does well in opening word, making it noticeable as well as opening the layout to combine in to. At that factor, having said that, it appears asking to verify records resource, as well as reveals a list of feasible information resources. Upon clicking on the ‘show all’ checkbox, I may scroll to MS Accessibility Data Source by means of ODBC (. mdb,. accdb) as well as choose it coming from the checklist.

Along with the support of Remou listed below, we surrendered connecting directly to Access as well as used the code coming from Remou’s advised web link to output to a short-lived data set, after that merge coming from certainly there.

The only other modifications our team used were to modify the code to become particular to our objective. When again to every person for your replies, thanks. If I had adequate image to carry out so, I would upvote Remou for their feedback!

It after that shows with a box entitled ‘ODBC Microsoft Get Access To Vehicle Driver Login Failed’, claiming ‘Might Certainly not Discover File:” [road to data source file]/ [title of having folder] mdb”‘. If my database were actually situated in C: \ Temp the inaccuracy pathway would review ‘C: \ Temp.mdb’. Moving the get access to data bank to another folder creates the inaccuracy pathway to update seeking a correctly named mdb documents based upon the having folder.

I don’t understand if it matters however it also shows up to be opening up the layout in the mode for editing the layout on its own, as opposed to generating a new document coming from that design template.

Our team are actually attempting to automate a mail merge process from within Accessibility – upon hitting a button, VBA operates that specifies the stream database (an accdb) as the data source and also operates SQL

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